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Announcing the ISBI 2024 Tutorials and Challenges! 

Get ready for an incredible 21st IEEE International Symposium on Biomedical Imaging (ISBI)! Join us in person at ISBI 2024, which will be held in Athens, Greece, May 27-30, 2024 at Megaron Athens International Conference Center. We hope you take advantage of the chance to participate in one of the 8 Tutorials or 5 Challenges that will be taking place.


Don't miss out on this extraordinary experience! Explore all the accepted Tutorials and Challenges below.

ISBI 2024 Tutorials

  • DiMEDIA: Diffusion Models in Medical Imaging and Analysis
  • Federated Learning in Healthcare
  • Fairness of AI in Medical Imaging (FAIMI)
  • AI Tools for Computational Neuroanatomy
  • Computational Pathology Tutorial: Clinical Insights and Methodological Advances
  • Explainable Αrtificial Intelligence in Biomedical Imaging
  • Brain Connectome Analysis with Graph Neural Networks
  • National Cancer Institute Imaging Data Commons as a resource to support transparency, reproducibility, and scalability in imaging AI

ISBI 2024 Challenges

Registration waivers will be offered to underrepresented student participants. Cloud credits and/or monetary awards will be provided to challenge winning teams.

  • Challenge 1: Brats Generalizability Across Tumors (BRATS-GOAT)
  • Challenge 2: Cell Tracking Challenge 2024 (CTC)
  • Challenge 3: Diminished Reality for Emerging Applications in Medicine through Inpainting (DREAMING)
  • Challenge 4: Justified Referral in AI Glaucoma Screening (JUSTRAIGS)
  • Challenge 5: Towards 3D Atlas of Human Body


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